Understanding my client’s needs is the key to finding the perfect property. Whether relocating, first time home buying, investing or just making a move, I’ll sit down with every client, ask questions and listen for exactly what the client is looking for. This search gives my clients the first opportunity to see properties that are listed within their search criteria. When a client sees a house they like on the list, we’ll schedule it for a showing.*

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*I prefer to show property Monday – Friday and not on the weekends, contrary to many agents, for the following reasons: bankers are working, appraisers are working, inspectors are available, children are at school, and people are working – all this making the house easier to view and all the resources we need for getting the answers we need and/or information necessary are available. If the weekend is the only time a buyer is available to see property, we can always schedule to see properties on the weekend, we just won’t have the same resources available to us.

When the time comes for an offer, I sit down with the client(s) after I’ve prepared a “net sheet”, which outlines all the fees involved when buying at specific price points. We then discuss the specifics of the contract, I draft the contract, review it with the client and submit the offer to the other party for review and hopefully acceptance. If negotiations are involved, I strategize in collaboration with the client to ensure the client has an understanding of what is happening and is onboard with the decisions being made. Once a contract is accepted by both parties, we move to close on the property. I have a checklist I provide to each buyer that outlines what needs to be done and the timeframe to complete it within.

When we have made it to the point of closing, I review the HUD-1 settlement statement with the buyer to make sure all fees are correct. At the time of closing, the buyer is presented with keys to their new home.

I am there for my clients every step of the way, whether working with seasoned buyers or a first time home buyer. My goal during the buying process is simple: make the process as smooth as possible, ensure the buyer is happy, assist in every way possible, and end the process with a new friend who loves their new house!


When selling a house, getting the pricing is key. During the first meeting with a client, I will already have prepared a Comparative Market Analysis, which is a report that shows what the market says your home is worth based on other sales in the area. I go over this report in detail with the client and answer any questions the client may have. After determining the list price of the house, we formally execute a listing agreement and the client(s) fill out a Seller’s Disclosure, listing all kinds of information from when the last time the roof was replaced to any material defects the house may have. We then take pictures of the home, measurements and gather any information that would help a potential buyer in deciding if this is the right home for them. An electronic lockbox, which is secured and only accessible by licensed agents, is installed on the property (temporarily during the selling process). The house is listed for sale and published to thousands of websites, making the home available to buyers worldwide. At the sellers choosing, showing instructions will be determined and agents will use these instructions when showing the house (i.e. what times the home is available for showing, if 24 hour notice is required, by appt. only, etc.)

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When a contract is presented, I go over in detail what the contract is offering and prepare a “net sheet” for the client, which lists all the fees involved and shows the seller what they would ultimately walk away with if they were to accept the offer. If negotiations are required, I help determine the best strategy and am the front line when communicating with the other party. Once all parties have agreed to the terms of the contract, a fully executed contract is delivered to both parties and we move to close.

During the closing process, I will be in touch with the buyer’s agent, ensuring everything is on track for the buyer. In the meantime, I will be assisting the seller with any needs they might have, such as finding a new home or recommending a moving company.

When it’s time to close, I review the HUD-1 settlement statement with the seller to make sure all fees listed are correct. I am present for the buyer’s final walk-through of the property and at the closing when the seller is given a check.

I am there for my clients every step of the way. My goal during the selling process is simple: to make sure the process is as smooth as possible, ensure the seller is updated and informed and end the process with a new friend who is hopefully homeless – but only for a short while!